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Which Technology to Use #diffimooc

April 8, 2013

This week the essential question is: What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?

I have two ideas in mind for ways that students can showcase their understanding of the standards presented in my rubric. One is VoiceThread and the other is the ShowMe app. There are pros and cons to each. I have listed them in the table below. The process of making the table helped me to decide how I wanted to use each.


After experimenting with both VoiceThread and the ShowMe app., my plan is to upload several photos into a VoiceThread and let students comment on them individually. Of course the whole class will see the comments, but hopefully each individual will have something different to add.

My plan is to make an exemplar in ShowMe to show my students. Hopefully this will give them some ideas about what they might do for the project. In small groups, students will brainstorm solutions to the essential question: How many different ways can we show ½ and ¼?

Something similar to this:

Or this:

Once students see some examples, they should be able to come up with some of their own. Students can brainstorm in small groups, making a list of their ideas. They can draw, build, cut and paste, take photos, or bring in examples. They will have to decide how to put it all together. When they feel ready, I will guide them through the process of making the ShowMe.

To do the VoiceThread, I need to have one student at a time recording. I should be able to have the students take turns making their comments on the Promethean Board while speaking into the headset. This way they can draw and record at the same time. The rest of the class can see their work at the same time. If I do this in short sections it might work out to do it this way. Another idea is to have the other students working quietly on something else. This could be in the classroom or in the computer lab.

One challenge for recording the ShowMe’s is to avoid a lot of background noise. My plan is to make a recording with one group at a time while the rest of the class is doing something quietly. I may need to use recess time to do the recording part.

There are many good resources on the classroom management Pearltree this week. I have been reading through them. I have gotten several good tips. There were a couple on VoiceThread that I found useful. I posted a few resources to the Pearltree that I found. I like seeing all the resources at once in the form of a big interactive concept map. It is another tool for curating resources and a fun way to share them as well.


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  1. Hi Lori!

    This is sounding like a great project. I like how you have students working in a small group to explore and brainstorm together. This is a powerful part of the learning process. I have not heard of the ShowMe app before and am excited to check it out. How do your students normally do with technology? Are they exposed to a lot of technology in your classroom?

    • Thanks Ashley! My students love technology. They are first graders, so they need lots of direction. In the classroom, we have a Promethean Board, one student computer and I recently got an IPad. We also have a computer lab. They are scheduled 4 times a week for 30 min. It is mostly intervention, but I squeeze in other things too.

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